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Extention of Two Innovation Centers

Release time:2018-01-15

In this golden fall season, here is the happy news from Finecables, once again. In order to serve and connect the innovation companies better and promptly respond to customer's requirements, Finecables Shenzhen Sales&Marketing Center and Finecables USA California Office have been officially established in Sept.2017. The set-up of the two important branch offices is a milestone of Finecables. Except the current East China Sales Office, North China Sales Office, Central China Sales Office, Finecables Inc.(USA), Engineering&C/S Center(UK) and Sales Office(Japan), Finecables extend itself to two global innovation centers, Shenzhen and Silicon Valley.

The most innovative companies are crowded in ShenZhen, China and Silicon Valley, California USA,.which are leading the world's top technological innovation trends. As a company has been committed to be the world's leading manufacturer of high quality connector, Finecables has been keeping invested on technological development and product innovation since the very beginning. These two branch offices will be a better extension and connection with global innovation centers. Thus, Finecables can more keenly capture the forefront of science and technology information from customers and provide comprehensive solutions of connectivity products for customer. Meanwhile, Finecables can grasp the market opportunities by responding customer's requirement promptly and grow fast. Therefore, Finecables can realize its ultimate goal: Better serve customer with trustworthy connector solution.
Shenzhen SMC Center and the USA California Office are two teams formed by staff with many years of sales and marketing working experience in large international companies.Passionated by our motto "Passion for Connection", these two teams definitely will be dedicated to provide more professional, efficient sales service and technical support to our domestic and international customers and to enhance Finecables's brand reputation and competitiveness.
Finecables is sailing again with collective wisdom.
Thank you for being a valued customer.

Shenzhen Sales and Marketing Center

Tel.: +86-755-26921937 Mobile:+ 86-18128852196
Email: [email protected];[email protected]
Address: Room 1205B, Tower A, Tiley central plaza, No.199 Haide 3rd Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, 215027, China.

USA California Office
Tel.: + 1 510 203 9091 Mobile:+86-18565824625
Email: [email protected]
Address: 43256 Continental Dr, Fremont, CA,94538,USA

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