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Finecables New Push-Pull High-End Connectors Massively Deployed

Release time:2018-01-15

The Push Pull connectors are being widely used in medical equipment, aerospace and drone, industrial automation, telecommunication system, automotive, military and other high-endtechnical fields. In recent years, Finecables has been concentrated its R&D capabilities and funds to develop Push-Pull series. Based on 14 years experiences in connector and advanced equipments, Push-Pull becomes Finecable'smature product family. And Finecables is proud of becoming one of a few global connector manufacturers who are capable of processing critical component of PEEK insulator at 400 degrees Celsius high temperature.

Finecables is pleased to announce that the Push-Pull connector B series will be added 8 new models from Nov. 2017,they are FBG/SEG/PRG/PPG/SRG /SFG/PLG male /PLG female straight types. and more encouraging news is with Finecables's high level of technology and quality advantages in industry, the B series products have been applied to the products of a global top UAV drone platform and imaging system manufacturer and Finecables is becoming their important business partner. The customer's favorand recognition is the incentive for Finecables to continue to develop new products.

Nowadays,Finecables has independently developed 0K,1K,2K,3K four K series products,1P,2P two P series products, 0S,1S two S series products and 00,0B,1B,2B,3B five B series products. K series products are suitable for outdoor complex environment, waterproof IP level reaches to 68; All products have along service life of up to 5000 mating/unmating endurance, excellent performance under harsh environmental conditions, etc.

Finecables's Push-Pull Products have been more and more widely applied by our customers in various industries,including drone,sophisticated RF medical equipment, film remote camera system,sports events high-speed camera, monitor camera, marine, LED lighting&control system and industrial robot.

For more detailed Finecables's Push-Pull product information, please visit the following link:

Finecables aims at becoming the main stream global manufacturer of the high-end connector solution in this new era!

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